Presenting Companies

Session 1

  • BEN Energy
    BEN Energy BEN Energy

    BEN develops and operates Europe's leading Energy Analytics Platform to induce the future of the energy market.

  • Corebon
    Corebon Corebon

    Corebon creates and sells products, processes, and services within the field of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP). We have invented a superfast CFRP production process that results in a new higher standard of composite materials, lower cost, and minimal impact on the environment.

  • P97 Networks
    P97 Networks P97 Networks

    P97 Networks, developers of the flagship cloud based software platform PetroZone®, provides a mobile commerce solution that empowers merchants, fuel marketers, and oil companies to attract and retain consumers.  By combining a multi-tenant mobile commerce platform and a contextual commerce engine, PetroZone delivers a powerful, integrated digital marketing solution that could eventually touch a more than 215 million drivers, conducting more that 40 million fueling transactions per day, across a network of approximately 150,000 gas stations---in the US alone.  PetroZone, built on Microsoft Azure cloud services, enables P97’s customers to simplify the deployment of mobile solutions while providing a fully integrated 360-degree marketing platform and customer branded smartphone apps.  P97’s solutions securely connect consumer smart phones and/or connected cars to create unique mobile experiences, enabling cross-communications, route planning, and the aggregation of key data, providing omni-channel marketing and the creation of brand loyalty opportunities between the oil companies, fuel marketers, merchants and their consumers. P97 is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. For more information, visit

  • Precog
    Precog Precog

    Precog has developed an innovative technology that accurately predicts failures of complex machines and helps to prevent them. The company’s technology is based on a combination of physical and mathematical representation of the machine and Machine Learning. The company’s customers include Fortune 500 giants such as General Electric and BASF.

  • Dukosi Ltd
    Dukosi Ltd Dukosi Ltd

    We have a unique combination of software and electronics technology that monitors the health of battery cells, creating intelligent battery packs that cost less, are higher performing and have a higher second use value.

  • Smartive
    Smartive Smartive

    SMARTIVE develops cloud platforms to monitor, control, diagnosis and perform performance prognosis of wind turbines in order to improve the operation and efficiency of the energy market.

  • Pro-Drone
    Pro-Drone Pro-Drone

    ProDrone has developed the first turn-key solution for autonomous inspections of wind blades. Our UAV and cloud platform enables the most accurate, safe and cost-efficient inspections.

  • Elcomax
    Elcomax Elcomax

    Under its brand Elcore, Elcomax provides turn-key combined heat & power (CHP) solutions to the residential market. Its fuel cell driven systems are very compact, durable and provide energy savings of more than 50% to single homes in Germany. The company has deployed several hundred systems to date and, together with its global manufacturing partner, is ramping up production to fulfil a strong increase in demand.

Session 2

  • Helix Power Limited
    Helix Power Limited Helix Power Limited

    The Heliex Power patented steam expander is the only available technology producing low cost electricity in global standard industrial wet steam processes and providing attractive returns for customers.

  • Rheonics
    Rheonics Rheonics

    Rheonics is a process automation producer of smart, connected ‘on-demand’ sensors. Our portfolio of products include density, viscosity, scale and corrosion monitoring in demanding industrial processes.

  • ScanTrust
    ScanTrust ScanTrust

    With ScanTrust's secure 2D barcodes, we can TRUST what we buy is genuine, because they can be authenticated & individually traced back to production, easily & instantly using a smartphone.

  • Electrochaea GmbH
    Electrochaea GmbH Electrochaea GmbH

    Electrochaea’s proprietary power-to-gas process converts CO2 and excess electricity into biomethane for injection into the gas grid, thus enabling utility-scale energy storage.

  • Adionics
    Adionics Adionics

    GWI: A technology which could turn the brine into a value stream would be immensely valuable.
    Adionics develops the 1st smart desalination technology which can address such challenge.
    1st pilot in Q1 2017.

  • Domatica
    Domatica Domatica

    Domatica is an IoT technology company that created a fog computing Application Enablement Platform that drastically eases IoT solution development.

  • BLOKS.

    BLOKS. enables smart light electric vehicles by providing human machine interfaces, complete connectivity and full component integration.

  • ICE Gateway GmbH
    ICE Gateway GmbH ICE Gateway GmbH

    We offer a reliable digital infrastructure for ICE markets (ICT& Energy efficiency) and related applications such as LED lighting, traffic/mobility, parking, internet and marketing.