Presenting Companies

Session 1

  • Black Bear Carbon
    Black Bear Carbon Black Bear Carbon

    Black Bear, is a green, sustainable carbon black manufacturer using waste tires instead of burning oil (the traditional furnace process). Black Bear’s target market is twofold: 1) We seek tire collectors to partner with and roll out our technology, and 2) Carbon black users (in the tire, rubber, plastic, ink and coating industries) to use the carbon black that we recover. 

  • Ushr
    Ushr Ushr

    Ushr is a provider of HD maps and on-vehicle software for autonomous vehicles enabling a safer, smoother driving experience.

  • Flowcastings
    Flowcastings Flowcastings

    Flowcastings is a German rapid manufacturing business that produces high value components for aircraft engines and gas turbines. Its patent-protected process combines unrivalled speed with uncompromised material integrity. 

  • Fyteko
    Fyteko Fyteko

    Created in 2014 by entrepreneurs Guillaume Wegria and Dr Juan Carlos Cabrera, Fyteko’s focus is to fight climate change’s effects on crops, by developing new innovative and sustainable solutions for agriculture. Fyteko’s strengths relies on more than 25 years of R&D knowledge, that enabled the development of a new technological approach to producing bioactive compounds. Fyteko's first products: Nurspray® (foliar spray formulation) and Nurseed® (seedcoating formulation) are based on a biostimulating molecule (patented) that activate crops own osmoprotection mechanisms. Used preventively, these products help crops to recover better in the event of droughts or important heat waves. Under simulated droughts (lab) our product enable up to 75% fresh biomass recovery after rewatering compare to full loss on control plants. In field tests clients saw up to 18% more fresh biomass yield on parcels treated with Nurspray® than on control parcels, and nearly up to an increase of 50% more germination with seeds treated with Nurseed® compared with controls (effect depending on crops and pedoclimatic conditions).

  • Lumenaza
    Lumenaza Lumenaza

    The Lumenaza software is a utility-in-a-box-solution for peer-to-peer energy markets. The platform allows to connect and intelligently control all participants in the new energy market.

    Our business is based on a software-as-a-service model. Our license model consists of a set-up fee and recurring monthly fees that scale with the number of connected consumers and the amount of electricity running through our software. We provide the software as a white-label solution to traditional utilities, but also new players like battery manufacturers or PV project developers.

  • Paptic
    Paptic Paptic

    PAPTIC - the Next Generation of Paper – is the renewable, recyclable and resource efficient material addressing the global need of brand owners for sustainable packaging materials. 

  • Genes’Ink
    Genes’Ink Genes’Ink

    Genes’Ink is a disruptive technology innovation company, it’s ambition is to revolutionize the electronic printing industry and become the global leader for nanotech-based solutions, to support the emergence of new segments that require flexible supports, with ‘green’ solutions and industrial capabilities. Genes’Ink is bringing to the flexible printed electronic market several disruptive ink solutions that will enable their customers to develop new products and simultaneously reduce cost of production Vs existing technologies. Genes'Ink is bringing fundamental changes, in this business segment, allowing many industries to massively reduce their OPEX investments. The complete solution includes: nanomaterials, formulations and unique coatings. 

  • Aurelia Turbines
    Aurelia Turbines Aurelia Turbines

    Aurelia Turbines - the most efficient small gas turbines in the world. The turbines utilise a wide range of fuels and are delivered as a package ready to operate in numerous applications, eg. combined heat and power.

  • Parquery
    Parquery Parquery

    Cloud-based image analysis for real-time data and analytics on parking occupancy, parking duration, vehicle counting and people counting in indoor or outdoor environments.

  • Librestream
    Librestream Librestream

    With its Onsight mobile platform, Librestream empowers remote and deskless workers at the world’s leading industrial companies to rapidly diagnose, inspect, and maintain assets in the field.

Session 2

  • Naked Energy
    Naked Energy Naked Energy

    Naked Energy is launching Virtu a unique solar technology generating heat and power. The compact modular solution dramatically reduces space delivering excellent financial returns.

  • Oxford Photovoltaics Limited
    Oxford Photovoltaics Limited Oxford Photovoltaics Limited

    Oxford PV is the technology leader in the field of perovskite solar cells, a disruptive technology with the potential to transform the efficiency and economics of solar photovoltaics.

  • Evodos
    Evodos Evodos

    Evodos is a Dutch centrifuge technology business. Its patent-protected mechanical process captures and discharges ultra-fine particles (down to 1 micron) in the algae, agriculture & food, and oil & gas markets.

  • Synavision
    Synavision Synavision

    Synavision develops unique software enabling smart buildings to tap their full potential in terms of energy costs, climate, and value based on big data analyses.

  • RapidCoats
    RapidCoats RapidCoats

    RapidCoats has developed a unique low pressure metal spraying system where substrate temperatures are <100C. It's portable, has printing ability and coats metals onto polymers/glass.

  • AddiFab
    AddiFab AddiFab

    AddiFab is an automated additive fabrication pioneer, and is launching STIM - a platform that blends 3D-print and injection molding to accelerate prototyping and product launch.

  • DEPsys
    DEPsys DEPsys

    DEPsys provides evolutive solutions enabling traditional low-voltage electricity grids to cope with renewables production as well as storage technologies (e.g. e-mobility) by an optimization platform.

  • Joulia
    Joulia Joulia

    Because hot water production requires as much energy as all other heating, Joulia Ltd. developed a high efficient linear heat exchangers for shower trays and shower drains, that recycle up to 42 % of the heat energy.

  • PWRstation
    PWRstation PWRstation

    PWRstation designs and markets industrial-grade retractable PV racking solutions that enable simple, ultra-rapid solar deployments of variable durations and ability to relocate solar assets when needed.

  • Battrion
    Battrion Battrion

    Battrion develops an innovative fabrication technology for lithium ion batteries aimed at increasing charging speeds without compromising lifetime.