Presenting Companies

Session 1

  • AlphaICs
    AlphaICs AlphaICs

    AlphaICs’s invention of RAPTM (Real AI Processor) is creating Big Bang of Real AI by combining perception and decision making. AlphaICs with its combination of Edge production RAP-Edge and Data centre product RAP-core is enabling AI 2.0.

  • NAFEN – ANF Technology
    NAFEN – ANF Technology NAFEN – ANF Technology

    ANF Technology is a developer and producer of a unique nanomaterial - NAFEN™, a pure alumina nanofiber for advanced materials performance. The company was established in 2011 with the ambition to take the discovery of a theoretical product to an industrially viable value-added material. NAFEN™ is an innovative material that can be applied to a broad range of industries (aerospace, automotive, energy, civil engineering). The method of NAFEN™ industrial synthesis is a patent-protected intellectual property. For the moment several applications of NAFEN™-modified materials have been successfully developed and tested which resulted in a confirmed 20-300% improvements in mechanical/physical properties of end products such as reinforced polymers and composites. Research and joint development partnership were always at the core of the company’s activities - from exploring the new material to the commercialization of NAFEN™. Today, the pilot-facility located in Tallinn (Estonia) is able to test, modify and produce the customized solutions on the basis of NAFEN™. The company’s main objective is to set-up a solid footprint within the European and Worldwide advanced materials market.


    KANDO developed an end-to-end wastewater management solutions for smart cities. Kando's solution allows water utilities and industrial customers the ability to detect, track and anticipate pollution events in real-time. Kando game-changing IoT solution is offered as a cloud based SaaS solution together with our unique wireless hardware measurement units that allow collecting real-time data from the sewage network. Our innovative, proprietary machine learning and data analytics tools enable our customers to see their network in an understandable and efficient way to get actionable insight.

  • AgroSustain
    AgroSustain AgroSustain

    AgroSustain is a Swiss based startup active in the field of AgTech. We are aiming to develop and bring to market efficient organic treatments against molds to extend the freshness of our food and reduce food wastage.

  • Aectual
    Aectual Aectual

    Aectual is a production platform that develops mass-customizable XL 3D printed building products on an industrial scale for the global AEC industry, based on proprietary XL 3D print robots and software tools.

  • LEDCity
    LEDCity LEDCity

    LEDCity develops autonomous LED lights which decide byitself when and how much light it is needed. This reduces the energy consumption by 90% or CHF 50 per year and replaced light.

  • Voovio
    Voovio Voovio

    Voovio is a procedure simulation software that helps industrial companies solve their two biggest challenges: downtime reduction and risk mitigation.

    Based in its proprietary IP protected technology Voovio offers the only simulation package in the market that is cost efficient, giving customers less tan 1 year payback.

    Voovio’s digital replicas run smoothly in any type of screen including mobile so that field operators can always properly execute every procedure, regardless its complexity.

    Voovio offers its simulation software under a yearly subscription model and completes its offering with an MSA that ensures the scenarios of the digital replicas are always updated and available for operators onboarding, intervention preparation and execution.

    Voovio counts amongst its customers with the biggest petrochemical companies in the world and is building a top team to expand operations in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Aqualiner
    Aqualiner Aqualiner

    A patented process for renewing drinking water pipes without needing to dig up the pipes. Cuts the cost by up to 50% and is up to 10x faster. Developed in the UK with Severn Trent, Anglian, Yorkshire and Wessex Water.

  • Squirro
    Squirro Squirro

    Squirro provides Augmented Intelligence solutions. Its unique technology marries Search &  Artificial Intelligence, empowering organizations to transform enterprise data into AI-driven insights. 


    Driivz is an innovative end-to-end EV (Electrical Vehicles) charging and energy management software platform, which serves as the operating systems for the world’s major EV charging Network Providers.

  • Sol Voltaics
    Sol Voltaics Sol Voltaics

    With PERC modules the PV industry has a technology roadmap to 22% efficiency. Sol Voltaics, with its tandem technology, will provide the next generation of modules bringing efficiencies to 26% and beyond.

    GaAs has always been the pinnacle PV material as it pertains to both efficiency and stability.  This is the reason it has been used for years in satellites and concentrator PV.  However, traditional GaAs’ solar cell costs have prevented it from being used in mainstream applications. Through the use of Sol Voltaic’s low cost GaAs NW production methodology (Aerotaxy™) and the benefits of NW photonic affects, Sol can bring this most desirable material to the terrestrial market. 

    Via the well-known and well-established technology of bandgap engineering, Sol’s PV film when placed in front of Si or CIGS cells in a module, will boost module efficiency by over 40%. Used alone, Sol’s PV GaAs film will better leading-edge efficiency modules at cost/Wp equivalent to low cost, low efficiency PV products.

    The world record GaAs on Si tandem cells is 32.8% efficiency. Sol Voltaics’ mission is to bring these types of efficiencies to the PV industry at mainstream costs.

Session 2

  • Open Mineral
    Open Mineral Open Mineral

    Open Mineral is a cloud-based exchange that connects buyers and sellers to trade physical commodities directly, efficiently, and transparently. With powerful analytical tools, Open Mineral streamlines negotiation and execution to increase efficiency and profitability for the metal concentrate industry.

  • Sulfotools
    Sulfotools Sulfotools

    Sulfotools GmbH is a young startup from Darmstadt, Germany that has developed a sustainable, cost-effective alternative technology for the green chemical manufacturing of peptides.

  • Mesure-Systems3D
    Mesure-Systems3D Mesure-Systems3D

    MS3D designs and commercializes non-contact 3D dimensional inspection machines directly integrated in the manufacturing line to verify in real time 100% of production conformity of complex industrial parts with extremely high accuracy.

  • Convion
    Convion Convion

    Convion is a developer of large fuel cell systems for distributed power generation and a world leader in fuel cell system technologies. We offer a solution for ultra-clean and efficient power generation in small scale by fuel cells. Solid oxide fuel cell technology at the heart of Convion systems provides the highest efficiency of conversion from fuel to electricity, and the continuously operating, modular power generators can flexibly use natural gas or biogas as a fuel.

    Modular, autonomous co-generation systems of Convion are building blocks of smart, diverse and resilient energy systems as power generation can be brought to the point of consumption. Integrated on-site power generation brings together the benefits of locality to commercial and industrial applications by providing secured supply of energy alongside of the utility grid without local emissions or transmission losses.

    Convion was founded in 2012 by an experienced team continuing work initiated by Wärtsilä Corporation. Convion has started demonstrating its products internationally and is committed to first commercial deliveries in 2019.

  • Evologic Technologies
    Evologic Technologies Evologic Technologies

    As a spin-off company from the Technical University of Vienna, Evologic Is transferring red biotech technologies to white biotech. Our competitive advantage lies within process engineering and bioprocess control.

  • Cogito
    Cogito Cogito

    Cogito Instruments gives intelligence to machines.

    We give machines the ability to learn and analyse data locally, in real-time, therefore enabling de-centralized intelligence, close to the sensors.

    Unlike other Machine Learning solutions, which require training In the Cloud, we do everything at the edge. Our technology delivers lower latency, "on-the-job" real-time training, lower power consumption and lower cost. And, because data stays local, we offer unrivalled privacy and security. Our solution, based on a mix of proprietary hardware and software, is easy to use by domain experts who are not IT gurus.

    Our first-generation products are already on the market, targeting industrial applications. Major industry leaders are integrating our products in their machines.

    We are a team of experienced Semiconductors and Consumer Electronics executives with a proven track record in both large and small companies. We know how to bring innovations to market, scale businesses and deliver value to our shareholders.

    We are planning a funding round before year end to develop our next-generation technology which will reinforce our position in Industrial markets and open several new high value markets.

  • Move About
    Move About Move About

    Move About Group has been a pioneer in electric Mobility on Demand service in Scandinavia and is now building the first pan-European Group that offers seamless electric Mobility-as-a Service in 6 European countries that integrates shares access to EV , Ebikes and Escooters with Ridesharing,  Dynamic shuttle buses and green taxis through a single app service.  

  • Tamturbo
    Tamturbo Tamturbo

    Tamturbo develops, manufactures and sells 100 % oil-free, energy efficient and maintenance fee turbo air compressors for e.g. food, beverage, chemical, pharma, electronics, paper and automotive industries.

  • Zaphiro
    Zaphiro Zaphiro

    Zaphiro offers an innovative solution for the smart management of electrical distribution grids, which allows utilities to safely integrate renewable energies and improve grid reliability.

  • Winterthur Instruments
    Winterthur Instruments Winterthur Instruments

    Winterthur Instruments AG develops and sells measuring system technologies for fast, non-contact and non-destructive measurement and testing of industrial coatings. The coatmaster technology is an award-winning and patented technology that enables coating thickness measurement at an early stage of the production process.

    Founded in 2011 the company has meanwhile integrated coatmaster into highly automated production lines at more than 50 production sites in Europe and Asia.

    At the headquarters in Winterthur, a highly motivated team of around twenty five employees works in the areas of research and development, production, project planning, sales and administration.

  • Designergy
    Designergy Designergy

    Designergy SA is a 7 years old innovative start-up company commercializing Structurally Integrated Solar Building Solutions, economically and ecologically implemented into buildings as construction elements.